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Welcome to Eyes on Shanghai

I have traveled to Shanghai almost every year for the last ten years. She never stops to amaze me. The skyscrapers is obviously one reason. Yet other reasons, once you know the city and her people, are more interesting and personal.

Whether you are doing business or traveling in Shanghai, I hope Eyes on Shanghai can provide you with a unique perspective, to explore Shanghai and understand Shanghai.


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Master Ma YueLiang Pushing Hand
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Updated on 08/01/09 by KunfuPanda

Tags:  shanghai  culture  kunfu  taiji Master Ma YueLiang (马岳梁), a Shanghai native and second generation Wu Taiji successor, demonstrated push hand at age of 93.  

Pepsi commercial
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Updated on 05/02/09 by KunfuPanda

Tags:  commercial  funny  kunfu A little Kunfu in Pepsi.