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The Bogus Bank Recovery
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Updated on 05/02/09 by PeterParker

Tags:  recession  bank  financial  crisis  recovery Is the worst over? Mark my word: the worst is yet to come.  

The Bankers Don't Care About the Banks
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Updated on 03/14/09 by PeterParker

Tags:  business  bank  shame  financial  crisis  stock I share the view of this article. The same thing can be said to other pubic companies: CEOs don't care about their companies, why? Because they are not the owners. This is a more fundamental issue of this finacial crisis - I call it the end of the stock market.  

Shame on you: You Try to Live on 500K in This Town
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Updated on 02/10/09 by BruceBanner

Tags:  bank  shame  executive  salary  bonus  cap  tarp  new  york  city The salary cap for bailed-out company executives has not been into effect, yet there are already complains on New York Times. The reason you were able to live "a life of private schools, summer houses and charity galas"? You stole money from your bank, you robbed your investors and you lied to get your million dollor bonus!  

Is your bank safe?
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Updated on 02/08/09 by KunfuPanda

Tags:  bank  money  safe  fail Check out's safe and sound ratiings