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Lost Decade of America?
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Updated on 11/28/09 by PeterParker

Tags:  recession  crisis  finance  policy I can't agree more with this analysis: US government is repeating many of the same mistakes that created Japan's Lost Decade.  

The Bogus Bank Recovery
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Updated on 05/02/09 by PeterParker

Tags:  recession  bank  financial  crisis  recovery Is the worst over? Mark my word: the worst is yet to come.  

AIG Executives on Another Retreat!
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Updated on 04/01/09 by Chris

Tags:  joke  financial  crisis  aig Turns out to be an April Fool's day joke.  

The Bankers Don't Care About the Banks
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Updated on 03/14/09 by PeterParker

Tags:  business  bank  shame  financial  crisis  stock I share the view of this article. The same thing can be said to other pubic companies: CEOs don't care about their companies, why? Because they are not the owners. This is a more fundamental issue of this finacial crisis - I call it the end of the stock market.  

Stewart Vs Cramer
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Updated on 03/13/09 by BruceBanner

Tags:  financial  crisis  cnbc  stewart  cramer Stewart The Great.  

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street
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Updated on 03/08/09 by Chris

Tags:  recession  subprime  shame  financial  crisis  cdo  cds  engineer  quant Brilliant and insightful.  

A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis
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Updated on 02/14/09 by ObamaGirl

Tags:  recession  financial  crisis  guide  housing  bubble How this recession started - in a graph.