Our Story

At Magspaces, you create your own Mag. A Mag is a creative aggregate of content on any subject. It can be your own blog posts. It can be a nice presentation of the useful links you collected. Or anywhere in between. We want you to use your imagination and creativity, to surprise us on what can be created.

Magspaces gives you the flexibility and freedom to create your Mag with the most beautiful presentation. You get:

  • Your own subdomain: yourmag.magspaces.com
  • Powerful post formatting and styling, integration with rich media, and an easy-to-use editor
  • Beautiful presentation of your posts as a Mag

Magspaces wants you, the content creator to be successful, and provides multiple monetization tools

  • Close integration with tipjar applications for you to receive online tips
  • Monetization with affiliate programs (Amazon, Walmart, Target and any other affiliate programs)
  • Monetization with ads (Google Adsense and other ads programs)

Magspaces is currently in Beta invite mode only. If you can’t wait to join and start your own Mag, please email us: support at magspaces.com.