Magspaces presents

Recession Heroes   

Fighters won't quit

Editor-in-Chief: Chris

Funny Commercials   

Commercials you love to watch!

Editor-in-Chief: sam83

Who's hiring   

Know where the jobs are

Editor-in-Chief: apple

Eyes on Shanghai   

A city never stops to amaze

Editor-in-Chief: KunfuMaster

Furry Friends   

This One For Pet Lovers

Editor-in-Chief: ChrisZen

Funny Picture   

A picture is worth a thousand laughs

Editor-in-Chief: KunfuPanda

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What is a Mag?

A Mag is an aggregation of links to web pages, pictures and videos on any topic you like. It comes from the idea of a magazine in the paper world, but it can be a lot richer than a paper magazine. Use your imagination and let it buzz online.