By Math Is Fun, July 6, 2021

One day, while my son was in Kindergarten, he was working on a math worksheet that had dozens of simple addition problems. He looked up at me and said, “Dad, math is boring.”

I immediately responded, “Wait a minute, math is not boring. It’s actually a lot of FUN!”

As a child, I discovered my love for math and science when I began reading books about these subjects. It was the stories within those books that fascinated me and demonstrated the beauty of math and science. Interest is the most effective teacher. My interest in these subjects continued throughout my education, and I excelled in both math and science all the way through college.

I believe that working through a worksheet with 50 addition problems is not the best way to start a child’s math education. However, delaying math education and avoiding the subject is even worse. I want to take a different approach with my son and introduce him to the amazing world of math. I want him to be as excited to learn about math as he is about dinosaurs.

When I tried to find interesting math materials suitable for young children, I discovered that there wasn’t much available. That’s why I decided to create my own materials, and why I am starting this Mag – “Math Is Fun”.

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