The Most Beautiful Number

By Math Is Fun, June 28, 2022

Today we are introducing the most beautiful number!

Her name is … drumbeat please… 

φ (Pronounced fi, to rhyme with fly)

So what is φ? It’s also called the Golden ratio. It’s represented by the Greek letter phi.

This is called a Golden rectangle. The ratio of its length ( c ) to width ( b ) is φ. The amazing property of a golden rectangle is that if you remove a square from the rectangle, the remaining rectangle is still a golden rectangle. 

In the picture, we remove a square with the width b. The length of the remaining rectangle is b. The width of the remaining rectangle is a (a = c – b). If you divide b by a, it still is equal to φ the Golden ratio.

φ roughly equals 1.618. If you subtract 1 from φ then multiply φ It equals 1.

(φ – 1) * φ = 1

The magic keeps going if you keep dividing the Golden rectangle. If you connect the square diagonals with quarter circles, you have a wonderful curve called the golden spiral.

Looks beautiful right? Does it look familiar? Have you seen it before? 

Snail shell



It’s everywhere in nature! How beautiful!

Golden Rectangle itself is also associated with beauty. You can find it in many of the greatest arts.

The Parthenon

Mona Lisa

Scientists have proved that the golden ratio is a geometric proportion that is the most aesthetically pleasing (Translation: beautiful)  to human eyes. No wonder it’s so widely visible in nature as well as in the art masterpieces.

So remember:

Golden ratio is beautiful.

Math is beautiful.

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