Why Do Computers Use Binary Numbers

July 16, 2022

This is the third episode of the Binary Numbers And Computers series. In Episode I, we introduced binary numbers, which are used by Computers. In Episode II, we explained why humans use decimal numbers. In this episode, we are going to dig a little deeper to see why binary numbers are so important to computers. […]

The Most Beautiful Number

June 28, 2022

Today we are introducing the most beautiful number! Her name is … drumbeat please…  φ (Pronounced fi, to rhyme with fly) So what is φ? It’s also called the Golden ratio. It’s represented by the Greek letter phi. This is called a Golden rectangle. The ratio of its length ( c ) to width ( […]

The Tower of Hanoi

May 28, 2022

Another fun story today! Legend has it that, on a pouring day in the nineteenth century, a French explorer entered a giant, splendid temple in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. He saw three massive pillars. 64 golden disks stacked neatly on the pillars. Monks were busy moving the disks from one pillar to another. […]


December 25, 2021

The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊

October 7, 2021

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As one of the top shows in China in 2020, the success of The Romance of Tiger and Rose propelled Zhao Lusi into fame. She played a young screen writer, who fell asleep and woke up as her own character – Chen Qian Qian (陈芊芊). A princess in a female-dominant Rose kingdom, Qian […]

Why Do We Use Decimal Numbers

June 12, 2022

This is the second episode for the Binary Numbers And Computers series. Here is the previous episode. In this episode, instead of talking about binary numbers, let’s take a step back and first look at decimal numbers – the numbers we use everyday. Numeral systems We introduced binary numbers in our previous episode. Binary number […]


December 25, 2021

Dating in the Kitchen 我,喜欢你

October 7, 2021

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A young chef Gu ShengNan, played by Zhao Lusi, won the taste and the love from a charming CEO. This is a romantic comedy with a typical modern Cinderella story. The show also has many professional renderings of Chinese cuisine, which makes it a visual treat. Show Title: Dating in the Kitchen Chinese […]

Chickens and Rabbits

June 4, 2022

I posed this question to my son: There is a farm that raises chickens and cute bunnies together. (BTW, here are some real tips on how to raise them together). Today, a neighbor girl wants to find out how many chickens and bunnies are on the farm. She starts counting from outside a fence. The […]