Why are manhole covers round?

January 15, 2022

I was jogging outside with my son on the street and we saw a manhole. I recalled this famous interview question first popularized by Microsoft in the early days and then adopted by other companies: Why are manhole covers round? So I asked my son. “Because it looks nice?” “It’s more than that. There is […]


December 25, 2021


December 25, 2021

Mobius Band

September 4, 2021

“How many sides does a paper have?” I asked my son, who is watching TV. “2” “What if I tell you I can make a paper have ONLY one side?” “No Way!” “Come and I will show you how to make a Mobius Band.” Well we are in the year 2021, so there is a […]

How tall is the Great Pyramid?

January 8, 2022

This is the second episode of the Greek mathematicians series. Today’s mathematician’s name is Thales. He is also a philosopher and astronomer. He is considered “the first” Greek philosopher and is sometimes referred to as the Father of Science. After the introduction, I started to tell my son the story of Thales. “Thales loved travelling. […]


December 25, 2021